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The plans for the CCDC Sisters' Club began in early 2010 with the idea that
adolescents benefit the most from gender specific education, and that certain
important aspects of education were being lost as society progresses.

The founder, Vickie Mehta, felt that girls in the community need more than just
the average summer camp; they need a place that connects them with traditional
morals and values while allowing them to build friendships with each other in a more
substantial way than the average summer camp can provide.

The Sisters' Club isn't a summer camp – it is a Club, just as the name suggests, because
the girls are able to take ownership within it and they learn how to become leaders now
so they can influence the world as they grow. In the CCDC Sisters' Club, the Sisters'
learn how to sew, cook, and design fashion while using their resulting products as
ways to become entrepreneurs. They are taught to reflect upon their work and take
pride in it, because they are the future leaders of their generation. Since 2010,
the Sisters' Club has grown, and will continue to do so as it branches out into the
community, teaching Sisters the power of networking. Through all of the learning
the Sisters do, the most important aspect is that they have fun while in every
activity because "Girls Just Want To Have Fun!"