Our Philosophy is based on the Italian Reggio Emilia approach believing documentation of young children's work highlights their amazing capabilities and indicates that it is through the unity of thinking and feeling that young children can explore their world, represent ideas and communicate with others at their highest level.

Therefore, we believe the creating process and the creative experience through the arts can best help children achieve this potential.

We Believe our school to be a primary support of the family as children grow up into a global community looking forward to a culture with much diversity and many changes. With this in mind, CCDC seeks to provide the most innovative approach to teaching and preparing our next generation of global citizens.












A Word From Our Founder,
Vickie Mehta

“We believe it is extremely important for young children and their families to have the anchor of Christian Values as they confront a changing world filled with many unknowns.

We know that learning begins at birth; therefore it is important to understand the fine balance between training specific tasks and nurturing an enthusiasm for lifelong learning. 

We are convinced that when we combine the daily practice of our bible verses and songs with the Reggio Emilia approach which focuses on exploration, experimentation, discovery and creation we then have found that balance. 

We then equip our children with the knowledge and power that will sustain them as they maneuver the terrain of life complicated by a multitude of moral and ethical questions that technology and modern science sets before us.

We look forward to serving as a partner in the early care and education of our community children and we welcome your family into our learning community.”